Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pat Robitaille: Runnin' Down a Dream

If there is one person that I've posted on who really doesn't "need" the extra attention I'm giving here, it's got to be Pat Robitaille, but I doubt he'll take offense. Pat is probably Windsor music's greatest rising success story at the moment. He's one of those guys who just couldn't do anything other than what he's doing.

In the past few years Pat has logged more miles and graced more festival stages than anybody Windsor calls their own. He is a guitar virtuoso, a silky voiced songwriter and a personality that is hard dislike. Pat has had opportunities to "sell-out" to major label interest and grab some dough, but what is most commendable in the young man is his desire to run it down himself, under his own indie terms.

If you have never heard Pat play or seen him preform, you'll quickly understand how he is rising with his first note. Pat is a polished professional who is nothing but charming and eager to shoot the shit about any random thing. His music is on the cusp of international rotation and acclaim and if you haven't caught on yet, get to his site, hear his acoustic styling and hop on board before he's long gone from our local stages and we're clinging to him from afar.

Sean McLeod and Perilelle: A Great Honor for a Damn Fine Collaborative Effort

Sean McLeod is a hustlin' fool. I have personally seen him walk away from non-artistic jobs that don't fit the mold he wants for his life, run down opportunities to catch something on film and extend himself to great lengths to find a situation which will not only help his ambitions, but help someone else as well.

I spent some time with Sean this past weekend and amidst our standard shit-talking and sarcasm, it was hard for me to deny (even jokingly) that this last project of his is anything but pure pro! Sean recently recruited one of Windsor's most unique musical acts, Perilelle (one woman electro-wrecking crew Steph Copeland) to team up with his vision of creating a bad-ass music video and winning the WAMM competition which was held at Phog this past Thursday. With their collective strength and creativity (and a pretty large team as well) this squad did exactly that and Sean is now two for two in film competitions being entered and won in this area this year.

Sean and another team of friends won the 48 hr. film fest competition this past fall with their comical short, "The Hardships of Heroism" and now with Perilelle's videoed tune "Damages" in the bank as champ, who knows what can come next for either or both of these artists.

Sean is a real live working film maker. He pretty much won't do anything else and I love that about him. As you will see in this video, the man knows his way around a camera and his talents are here in this region waiting for anyone to engage them. Check him and Steph out, they are two very unique and credible talents alive in our midst.

Leighton Bain: A Story-Tellin' Songster

I've known Leighton for quite a few years now and although there is generally a long stretch of time in between our encounters, I can always immediately tune into one of his tunes and find out what's been happening. Story-telling songs don't seem to get the attention they used to anymore. I understand the value of amped up, loud rock and roll, but I'd like to see quality singer/songwriters getting a little more love and attention that would break them out of whatever pen some people think they fit into.

Not every singer/songwriter writes every song about their boyfriend/girlfriend breaking their heart and taking their dog. Sometimes you get Hayden or Elliot Smith-sometimes you get people who let you in, in a hundred different ways with nothing but themselves and their guitar; sometimes you get Leighton.

Leighton Bain has been strummin' his guit-box for as long as I can remember. From what I've known, he's come up with a million different angles to investigate himself and others through song using little more than his own mind and hands. The man has a knack for writing songs. Like Hayden or Elliot, Leighton often takes interest in the darker moments of life and captures them through various eyes. He is a solid and versatile guitarist and he packs a set of pipes which can take you in any direction at any moment; belting it here, whispering it there.

At the moment, Leighton is dividing his time between the Dub city (that's here- those kids and their slang) and the "T dot". Although there are no new shows posted on his site, the spring has sprung and that generally means Windsor can expect their native son home shortly. I'll keep an eye out for all interested and try to stay somewhat up to date on this thing as this semester comes to a close but even if I never see write again, it'd be worth your while to take a listen to what the man has to say.