Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pat Robitaille: Runnin' Down a Dream

If there is one person that I've posted on who really doesn't "need" the extra attention I'm giving here, it's got to be Pat Robitaille, but I doubt he'll take offense. Pat is probably Windsor music's greatest rising success story at the moment. He's one of those guys who just couldn't do anything other than what he's doing.

In the past few years Pat has logged more miles and graced more festival stages than anybody Windsor calls their own. He is a guitar virtuoso, a silky voiced songwriter and a personality that is hard dislike. Pat has had opportunities to "sell-out" to major label interest and grab some dough, but what is most commendable in the young man is his desire to run it down himself, under his own indie terms.

If you have never heard Pat play or seen him preform, you'll quickly understand how he is rising with his first note. Pat is a polished professional who is nothing but charming and eager to shoot the shit about any random thing. His music is on the cusp of international rotation and acclaim and if you haven't caught on yet, get to his site, hear his acoustic styling and hop on board before he's long gone from our local stages and we're clinging to him from afar.

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  1. Just came across your blog, and I'm glad to hear another new voice beating the drum for Windsor musicians! Thank you! My name's Scott, I am the drummer for 'Vultures!' ( We're at the Phog tonight with the Peace Leeches and DJ ME. If you happen to be out, make sure you say 'Hi!'. Thanks again for putting another unique spin on our little scene!