Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loop, there it is.

The Locusts Have No King will bring their rock and twang to The Loop TONIGHT (January 22nd, 2009) with fellow Windsorites and alt-rockers A.S.K. (Another Saturday Knight) beginning at around 10 in the p.m.

A.S.K. is fronted by Chad Howson who is a local artist, musician, and supporter of all artistic Windsor endeavors. Their sound is somewhat Interpol influenced and they are sure to contribute some good old fashioned dirtied up sound and bassy vocal melodies.

When A.S.K. wraps up, The Locusts will take the stage and do what they're there to do. These guys have good story-telling tunes that maintain the snap necessary in any good driving tempo. They compliment each other very well and represent how well individual strengths can come together in bands when egos are checked and appreciation is apparent. These guys make for kick-ass nights and are always lots of fun so if you can't get there tonight, catch them somewhere down the road and let me know what you think.

As for the Loop; these days the Loop is known for Saturday night groovin' and some classic (and not so classic) DJ jams. I'm not dissing this at all. I mean, I often find myself at the Loop at the end of a Saturday night with the old boogie boots on after a few and it's been tons of fun. All I'm saying is that this is Windsor's best rock venue and it is underutilized. The Loop is a big-ass room with a big-ass stage. You fill that place with people who love live music and it can move. The halls and the bathrooms smell like piss, there's graffiti everywhere and it just embodies what a rock venue should. Opportunities to catch a live band at the Loop are not nearly as frequent as they once were, so keep your ear to the ground and do it when you can. Hope to catch some of you there tonight.

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