Monday, February 2, 2009

The "W": Working to become more than the symbol for "West Side" and "Whatever"

Dwaine Iler is a local music producer and the frontman of Windsor's west side rockers, The Original Lady Eyes. In addition to helping other musicians get their shit recorded cheap and keeping his own projects moving forward, Dwaine has officially released his new, and latest project and is eager to have it reach willing ears.

The W Music Compilation consists of twenty-six tracks, written and performed by various Windsor musicians of various styles and backgrounds. In gathering these tracks together Dwaine wanted to account for the diversity of the Windsor music scene and perhaps provide a forum which could amplify the voice of its collective make-up.

There is a wide range of music gathered on this recording and although I did not recognize many of the names on the inlet, I found great pleasure in a few of the tracks and was glad to have come upon them. The tracks which seem to stand out to me include: "The Same" - A Welcome Breeze, "Circlops" -Citywide Vacuum, "Serenade"- Jakie Robitaille, and a tune by a 14 year old gal named Keats Conlon who shows off some bad ass pipes, all the signs of good song writing 101 and a name which already sounds like she's a rock star... seriously, Keats Conlon?... that's a cool name.

Anyway, I recommend picking this CD up for various reasons, but I will focus on the good, home-grown music you may miss out on element of my attack. A lot (not all, but a lot) of these tunes are worth your time. The CD itself has 19 tracks with the additional 7 appearing in the form of MP3 drag and drop files. If you're interested in grabbing one, leave a comment and we'll figure it out. Thanks for reading.

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  1. i have faith you will learn the picture thing! yah this album sounds cool, weren't they doing something for it at Cafe Morena on Erie St. last Friday??