Friday, February 6, 2009

Francophones and Microphones: Windsor and Montreal Come Together to Rock the P-Hog

Windsor's finest and most dedicated rock venue Phog Lounge (157 University West)>
continues their support of independent up and comers tonight beginning at 10 pm. "The Phog" has long been Windsor's most consistent importer of indie music and has afforded many music lovers countless occurrences where they can catch a band from here or away, before they move on to bigger (but not always better) things. Tom Lucier (who also happens to be the mind behind 'Here Be Dragons') has dedicated a great amount of energy over the years to keeping music alive in Windsor and keeping outside talent interested in this city as a potentially positive place to have one's music heard. I highly recommend that you folks check out the link above and stay in the Phog's loop. Tom and the Phog have recently been included in CBC's search for Canada's best music venue, so while you're over there, cast a much deserved vote their way to boot.

The lineup at Phog tonight consists of three acts, one local and two from Montreal. Headlining the night is David Martel> a gifted singer/songwriter who brings more than one may have come to expect from such a categorization. Martel's songs are well constructed and well produced. He is no average bleeding heart acoustic act and his name is rising across this great nation of ours. Along for the journey is fellow Montreal acoustic hombre Mike O'Brien, who I don't know much about but hear great things regarding his ability to warm the stage for Martel and how they compliment each other on select tracks.

Closing the evening is my band, The Mindframes. I'm not going to say much about us, but we're a five piece and I gain great satisfaction from playing with this crew. We're likely to be placed in a category of somewhat progressive, folk-rock (if such a thing exists) and we'll be hitting the stage at around midnight to bring the show home. I know I promised greater notice and I WILL get better in that regard, but it would be great to see some familiar faces and maybe share a drink or some thoughts on what you think of the venue or the tunes. See ya there.

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  1. eye heart the mindframes, big fan!
    lol i wanna see you guys rock out i hope to catch the next show...and the sooner you have a CD recording the sooner I can play you on CJAM! but no rush or anything lol