Monday, February 16, 2009

The Peace Leeches: Looking to Suck the Goodness Out of Everyone

The Peace Leeches are among Windsor's most unique and entertaining musical ensembles.> Young and filled with inspiration and hippie sensibilities, The Peace Leeches form a tandem of energy and showman/womanship that this city has rarely seen. There is no cloud big enough to darken a Peace Leech party and watching them perform demands your attention and applause. I would wager that this band sheds more calories per show than any other Windsor group and that is a fitting testament to their over-riding dedication to music and entertainment.

The band is made up of only two members, Ray Stern (Vocals, synth, guitar) and Corey Schatz (guitar, bass and tech wizardry). Their sound is psychedelically influenced and places as much emphasis on complex, technological mastery as live performance. The songwriting is multi-dimensional and leaves much room for interpretation and Schatz simply owns his pedal work. What I mean by this is that I have seen countless guitar players get pedal or tech happy without mastering the craftsmanship that is necessary. As a result, rhythm and melody can get lost in a clutter of noise and the only way to avoid this is in taking hours of tinkering around behind closed doors to make it work. Well done Peace Leeches, you certainly make it work.

I could write all day about their songs and show, but the reality of it all is that The Peace Leeches cannot be fully appreciated until they are seen. On the 21st of this month (February) they are part of a show fittingly tagged "Focus on Stage" taking place at Phog Lounge (157 University West).> I highly recommend taking part in this evening as it is also promoting local rock photographer Ron Marston and his countless years of dedication and amazing work crossing the artistic genres. The night kicks off at 9pm with The Leeches and moves on incrementally louder from there with some heavy rock and roll from Fiftywatthead and the Vultures. This will be a high energy affair, bring your boogie boots and your finest mosh pit attire.


  1. Bad news...The Peace Leeches had to cancel and Sledgehammer is replacing them. And Fiftywatthead is playing at The Chubby Pickle that night...

    Great blog, very enjoyable reading. Keep up the good fight!

  2. I'm glad they cancelled. I couldn't make that show and I love the Peace Leeches.