Monday, March 30, 2009

Death or Comber: Giving Life to Lonesome Open Mics and Ramblin' Rock and Roll

When you host an open mic for an extended period of time, it's hard to keep your shit fresh. If no other musicians show up, you play three sets on your own and it's generally to the same faces who have seen your song and dance (or blurs of it here and there) before. I'm not bitching, I love those faces and most of the time they make me feel like I'm keeping them fairly pleased, it's just nice for all of us when something quality pops in unexpected and the open mic can serve its finest function.

The fellas in Death or Comber have found their way to the DH in various forms on various occasions. Sometimes it's just Kurt and his guitar, sometimes an electric to flush it out, sometimes the whole crew, bass, drums and all, blocking the entrance to the kitchen telling you it's too late for deep fried pickles. Whatever way they come, these guys always make my night more enjoyable. They'll always play a couple of choice covers (Joe Strummer or Irene Goodnight) to get themselves warm, but they are always more focused on their originals, which are certainly that.

Death or Comber has a rambling folk style that mixes elements of harder electric rock with strong song-writing to create a folk/punk hybrid which doesn't disappoint. They are fairly new to this scene, but in the past four or five months I've heard their name being positively thrown around more and more. This Thursday (April 2nd) Death or Comber plays The Whiskey downtown with The Mind Frames and the ever-entertaining Peace Leeches. The show starts at 10 pm sharp with the Mind Frames, and after a brief musical pause for the A channel news, Death or Comber takes the stage before the Leeches bring us home. I think that this will be a very fun evening so come out for a drink to close out the semester or just because you're interested in what I'm pitching. The Whiskey is located at 300 Ouellette Ave., beside the Honest Lawyer and beneath A channel.

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  1. i have really been enjoying these indie nights at the whiskey, dont know how long they've been put on. Jamie Greer does it right? really exited for Thursdays show!