Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Irish Eyes are Dilated...

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! I'm not going to feature any one band or venue today because I think that a day like today lends itself to pub-crawling and stumbling from place to place. From this moment (noon) onward, jig your way around this city and spend some time in some of Windsor's authentic pubs for the real Celtic experience.

There is music everywhere and throughout the day today, so I'll only point to a few spots specifically in the event that you`re stuck. Micks Irish Pub (28 Chatham St. East) has music all day from various Celtic crews such as Tartan Army and Kenneth MacLeod and the Windsor Salt Band later in the evening. The Aardvark (89 University West) sheds its blues persona for the day and hops on board with the green theme with music starting at 6pm and continuing onward with Kenneth and co. early and Ron Leary and Kelly Hoppe doing their thang to get you to tomorrow. The DH will most certainly be jumping all day long, so come on down for Irish food and drink and with music beginning at 9pm from yours truly.

Hope everybody survives the day and does it up right. Some people don`t get the point of St. Patrick`s Day, but the point is simple and endearing if it is interpreted in the right light. Go out and get drunk. Have fun with your friends, enjoy some good music and food and revel in good cheer just because there`s a whole year to worry about other things and you`re excused for the day. Don`t get so bombed that you end up in a ditch or the drunk tank, but if you`re someone who has never dug the whole character of the day, give it a try and work on your final portfolio of whatever tomorrow. Good cheer possesses rejuvenating power ya`ll, immerse yourselves in it, don`t hate, participate. Too Ra Loo Ra La!

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