Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tyres: Rolling Once Again

In the past two evenings I've caught The Tyres twice. As I heard them for the first time in quite a while on Thursday night, I was reminded of how much rock and fun they've provided in the past ten years around these parts. The Tyres have played every venue this city has seen even briefly open its doors to live music. I've seen them at the old Press Club, The Bridge, Venues, The Coach, The Loop, Billie's, The DH, all of them, and their show rolls on steadily every time no matter where they are or who's in front of them.

When people talk about bands being tight, I always think it goes further than just the music itself. When I go see The Tyres I don't know if I'm more entertained by their music or their banter. These guys have known each other in this form for so long that their presence together is very naturally clever and humourous. You can't under value qualities like that with bands. If a group keeps you entertained even while their tuning or adjusting equipment, it is a huge ace in the sleeve and it just makes the whole experience more enjoyable for all involved. Their songs don't veer too far from that characterization either. They are often witty or somewhat tongue in cheek, but never at the expense of the music. These mo-fo's can all play, and all their parts are thoughtfully constructed with various displays of effective harmony.

When Damien Zakoor (long time drummer) packed his bags for Montreal this past year it seemed as though the era of The Tyres was in jeopardy. This is not the kind of band who could get a sessional drummer to cover Damien's parts and all would go on, sometimes that just doesn't cut it. I doubt that The Tyres would have ever really "broken up," but distance is tough no matter how loud your amp is. The good news through all of this is that Windsor is in Daimer's blood and what with all our present prosperity, he just couldn't stay away (I once had a cat like that). He's back behind Dominic and Ken where he belongs now, and all is right with the world. If you have never seen a Tyres show, you must keep an eye out. There surely is "Rock to Discover."

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