Monday, March 9, 2009

Original Gangstas: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Original Lady Eyes

I once read an interview with Jeff Tweedy where he said that the key to rock and roll success rests in not letting your band break up. It sounds simple enough when I read that back to myself, but I do know better than that and I know that such a thing functions as any meaningful relationship does, with dedication, faith in your teammates and sacrifice.

Nothing that sappy and cheesy would ever come from the mouths of the fellas in the Original Lady Eyes but I think that something should be said for the way these guys go about their business and the way they've been doing it for quite some time. Long ago in a West Side galaxy close to here, I went to high school with these guys when they were rocking orange jumpsuits and jamming as "Cats Pajama's" and various other things. They were then as they are now, very funny, very kind, very talented down-to-earth gents, and although they do not possess that boastful, shamelessly self-promoting quality some musicians do, they demonstrate why such people are always speaking about and standing by themselves.

The Original Lady Eyes are a solid collective of old high school friends who have progressed musically together for the last decade or so. Their sound is full bodied and easy to listen to, but they maintain the balls (is edge a better word for ya?) which defines good rock. There are three guitarists in this group who never sound intrusive or like they're stepping on each other's toes, and Matt (drummer) and Dwaine (bass/vocals) have been kindred spirits for as long as I have known them. GO TO THEIR WEBSITE, LOVE THEIR MUSIC.

The Original Lady Eyes play Phog Lounge on the 28th of March with a multiple band bill I've yet to fully see. You can catch them at the Starbucks (I refuse to link Starbucks) downtown a week before that on the 21st at 6pm if you're old, don't like the nightlife or get too drunk too early. Check these guys out in any form you can and if you're a musician yourself, I highly recommend Dwaine as a production engineer who understands just how broke you are.

********The title of this post, its creator and The Original Lady Eyes mean no disrespect to the Original Gangstas shown below and wish to admit our collective subordination and acknowledgment of their clearly apparent superior bad-ass-ity. Thank you. ****************


  1. Thanks for the shout out! These fine boys go unrecognized far too often, it's about time someone throw them in the spotlight they've worked hard for. They're talented and make great music. (and they happen to be really nice too :) What more can a listener expect?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Andy, much appreciated.