Friday, March 13, 2009

Well Done Welton! Renaissance Man Eric Welton Making Strides.

Producer, singer/songwriter, sound man, photographer, bartender, advertiser, collaborator, optimist, fan. Eric Welton is a man of many hats. Coming to Windsor as a Chatham export a few years ago, Eric has lent his willing and capable hands to just about every musician in this area in one form or another. He's made posters for six packs, recorded albums for 20's, been there to help you mix the sound live, and written and performed in entertaining fashion, West to East, while always hoping to get a few more folks together on any given night, to share some tunes and collaborative energy just to see what happens. I've got to say, it's nice to see that mind frame making progress and paying dividends.

In the last year, Eric has recorded and pressed Travis Reitsma's album Blue Beard, written, recorded and pressed his own album, Fool Heart, recorded and assisted in production on the Tara Watts upcoming release, About Love, and has had his hand in about a thousand other projects aside from gigging. The drive behind Eric's humble demeanor is relentless and impossible to overlook. In the recent past, Chatham rock giants Square Root of Margaret officially added Eric to their roster and guaranteed the man a future in a legitimate, touring, collaborative. Eric has continued to pursue solo gigs or gigs with a shifting lineup in The Eric Welton Band, and will play under that heading Thursday March 19th at The Whisky (Ouellette and University, under A channel) starting at 10pm. The bill also includes West side veterans of rock, The Tyres and the dirty punk styling of High Mother to close it down.

The Whisky is below A channel on the corner of University and Ouellette right beside The Honest Lawyer. Although this joint has been more of a cover band venue in the past, Jamie Greer has got his hands in that place, and that means local, indie music was bound to work its way in there. Jamie is the hardest working promoter of local music this city has got, so I suggest checking out (but not replacing me with) his blog, Musically Speaking. Thanks for reading gang and good shit once again Eric, keep at 'er.


  1. What a great piece! I agree, Welton is a Windsor treasure (sorry Chatham, we're keeping him!). And he's just so darn cute too. (Oh, and thanks for the kind words - and I second the "not replacing with", your blog is a fine read as well!)

  2. Eric is really great. We are pretty excited to play a run with him in the Spring. Preeeeetty Excited!